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fresh_icons_10The long term goal of self help through personal development can be applied to overcoming a struggle. Whether that struggle is quitting smoking, reaching a weight loss goal, becoming more financially stable, or even battling and defeating a psychological disorder, planning a structured outline of the long term goal with corresponding short term goals along the self improvement time line is the most successful approach.

The first step is to recognize the problem or obstacle that seems to prevent the starting point of any improvement journey. The addiction, the financial instability, the negative symptoms of depression; these are all considered obstacles, or problems, that often times prevent many people from even starting the journey toward self improvement.

Once the problem has been identified, a long term goal should be manifested. Simply put, this long term goal needs to state the outcome or achievement of the exercises and efforts taken to move toward success. Write down this long term goal; plaster it all over the house or office, or the obvious places that ensures it won’t be missed. Meditate on this long term goal, and think about what will have to be done in order to reach it.

In order to start the journey toward the long term goal, a series of short term goals can be broken down to lead to the long term goal. Writing these down in a self development journal, on a sticky note to display under the long term goal, or again, wherever they are sure to be seen on a daily basis will help to visualize the achievement. These short term goals are those steps that need to be taken in order to reach the long term goal.

4c3970bShort term goals, to be successful, need a variety of steps taken to reach them as well. For example, consider weight loss. The long term goal might be to reach a healthy weight overall; the short term goals will then outline how to reach the long term goal. Exercising for five minutes longer than the last time, for instance, is an example of a short term goal. The steps taken to reach that short term goal can include practicing breathing exercises to be able to jog for three minutes more. Another example can be to add one more day of a different type of exercise to your workout routine. The point is, each short term goal will be reached with a small adjustment and effort each day.

Once the first short term goal is met, it will become easier to reach the next one. Each short term goal will be seen as that much more attainable, and before long, the long term goal will be achieved. It can be a difficult journey, but it is one that will teach just how strong a person’s self discipline can be. Improvement and development are possible, but the effort has to be put into them for them to work.

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